Most of you will recognize the phrase in this site’s header image as a quote from the film The Matrix, during the scene in which Morpheus offers Neo the choice of returning to his computer-generated existence by taking the blue pill, or to learn the truth by taking the red pill.  I see this scene as representative of the choice that each of us must make: to live in an oblivious state within the self-constructed bubble of our own reality, or to engage with the rest of the world and learn the truth, no matter how horrific or wonderful it may be.

But what is truth?  On the surface it seems so simple, when defined as “the body of real things, events, and facts“.  1+1=2, water is wet, and grass is green.  But when personal beliefs and bias are introduced, you can give any two people the same set of information, and likely end up with two different interpretations of the truth.

Anyone who claims to be unbiased is a liar.  One cannot possess a volume of life experience and not be shaped and molded in some fashion by those experiences.   But, a person can be reasonable, and accept points of view that may be at odds with their own convictions.

How am I biased?  I believe in the sanctity of individual rights and liberty.  I hesitate to use the term “sovereignty”, for fear of association with those who subscribe to the more radical versions of the “sovereign individual” philosophy.  In short, my rights end where yours begin; as long as what I do has no impact on the exercise of your rights, and vice versa, then I see no reason for it to be curtailed.  In practical terms, what does that mean to me?

Marijuana?  Legalize it.  Abortion?  Yes (with some limitations).  Gay marriage?  Yes.  Equal rights and opportunity for all?  Yes.  But on the other side of the coin…

Less government?  Yes (I will caveat that by saying governance should be achieved at the lowest level possible).  Less taxation?  Yes.  Immigration controls?  Yes.  Free markets and capitalism?  Yes.

If you must categorize, label, or otherwise assign a group identity to me, the closest thing would be “libertarian”, but not the strain of libertarianism that borders on anarchy.  For all the personal freedom and responsibility I believe should be afforded, I also realize that we live in communities and a larger society that cannot thrive without some minimal regulation and taxation for the benefit of all.  That is the bias, the prism, through which I will express what I see to be “the truth”.

Welcome, and I invite you to “Take the Red Pill”, to not believe anything you read or hear without verifying the facts to be true, and I look forward to the dialogues that are inspired.

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